It is a good option to take a break from a very stressful and hectic schedule you have, maybe even after a honeymoon. But for many people they would choose to stay at home for the reason that they can’t make a good plan on where to go and what to do there. You could ask your friends as well if they wanted to go with you or not. If you’re booking for a company trip, maybe adding a budget for a DC corporate video professional to record the activities. But if you are decided to go by your own then you may follow some of the guidelines below. 

Go for a Trip

  1. SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT PLACE TO VISIT: This is the first thing that you should think of. Where do you really want to go and what are the cities or countries do you want to visit? In this way you can come up with your possible plan and of course the intended amount for the trip. 
  2. LOOK FOR A CHEAPER AIRFARE: After checking for the perfect place to go, you can now proceed to browsing for a cheaper air ticket (if you are planning of going abroad or going to a far city in your country.) If the place is just one bus away, then check all the dates and schedule of the bus time or you may contact an agency the offers an affordable luxury limo rental service. 
  3. CONTACT THE HOTEL OR RESORT WHERE YOU WILL STAY: Try to reach out or send a message or even an e-mail to them to know of the room price for a night or if there is a discount for getting a two-night stay in their place. 
  4. BE FAMILIAR WITH THE PLACE: Now that you are satisfied with the price and ready to book them, you could now search for the tourist spots located in their area. 
  5. PLAN FOR THE THINGS YOU CAN DO THERE: You can’t go to a place without specific purpose. Make sure that you would have any back up plan in case the weather won’t be as good as what you have expected. 
  6. WRITE DOWN THE FOOD AND DRINKS YOU WANT TO TRY: You may check out as well all the foods available in their city. You could list all the authentic dishes that they are serving and of course you have to make sure that you will be able to try their tasty drinks. 
  7. SECURING YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE: If you are not yet insured, then this is the time that you need to get one. It is very important to be prepared all the time. 
  8. CHECK YOUR BUDGET: After writing down everything in a piece of paper then you could make a full budget of all the possible expenses. Estimating all the costs could give you more time to prepare. 
  9. CONFIRM EVERYTHING: Now that everything is set, you are now ready to confirm them one by one and check for the available dates that is suitable to your schedule. 
  10. PACK YOUR THINGS: You can prepare now of all the things you want to bring. Don’t forget your money and identification card.  
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Everyone would feel very excited as the big day comes for those who are going to get married. They can’t wait for the day that they will be an official husband and wife couple. But, before this day comes to a reality, then people involve here should check and need to make sure the everything is ready and prepared. You don’t want to have a last-minute cramming and or having this experience that you will forget something or you would mistakenly not to remember an important part of the wedding. Since, this will be the first and last time that you will go to the church and marry your soon to be partner, then everything that is part of this should be perfectly done and being manage well. Few of those some reminders are here and you can check it out.

  1. Glance one more time your planner. Make sure that everything you listed there comes to order and set. You could try to add more if there is a little time left for it. You can call all those people involve there for your big day to check if everything is fine and ready.
  2. Don’t forget the wedding ring. This is one of the most important thing that you will be needing in front of everybody. You need to make sure that is well-cleaned. Place it somewhere that you can easily see it.
  3. Try to check for some important e-mails, also make sure that all the invitation cards are sent to all respective people who will be the guests in the wedding. Make sure the dates and time and even location for the reception are all correct and detailed properly in the invitation.
  4. Call the service company that will be the one to send to your visitors from the wedding area to the reception place. The party bus company would also call you before the service day to make sure that everything is on the right side.
  5. Reach out to your potential guests and friends who are going to be there.
  6. Phone the reception manager or the supervisor to be sure of that everything is already set and to know if there is something wrong or maybe anything that happened unexpectedly.
  7. Pay all the vendors and restaurants in full so that you don’t need to worry when you have that day. Making this in advance would help you to lessen what is on your mind and the possible of getting a discount.
  8. Don’t wear the wedding dress a night before the day. Just make sure that everything is clean and in order.
  9. For the bride, she can try to wear the heels so that you would feel comfortable before the big day as you will be wearing it for more than 12 hours.
  10. Don’t be too nervous and worrisome about it. Everything will be excellent.
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