Whenever Independence Day arrives, you have to celebrate it with style. Of course, American flags are the best décor to mark the event. On 4th of July, you can easily show your patriotism by putting waving American flag all over your home.  

To help you celebrate this remarkable occasion, here are several ways to display your flags: 

Hanging the Flag 

Hanging a flag on the wall as a piece of art or tapestry is the simplest way to decorate your home with the American Flag.  

Traditional Décor Ways 

Whether you are doing it for a themed 4th of July party or your home decoration, it’s always an excellent idea to cover your bases. You can begin by covering every base literally with American flag designs. This includes countertops and tables. To offer your occasion an additional flair, you can use bowls, plates, paper napkins, or tablecloths with the flag.  

For your seasonal home décor, you can simply stick to napkins. By switching out accent pieces in your house for American flag color scheme, you can add a collaborative feel to your total home décor. You can also add festive features of spirit and color by placing blue, white, and red pillows and blankets on chairs or couches.  

You can look for a huge range of flag themed décor at your nearest party supply shop.  

Flag Wreath 

Simply because you do not have an area for a flag pole on your property does not mean you cannot add a bit of patriotic flair to your front yard. There are a lot of available flag wreaths out there that you can buy for an affordable price. However, if you really want to save money, there are a lot of DIY videos out there that can help you.  

Framed Flag 

You should think about framing the flag behind glass if you really want to make it into a real piece of art. With this, you can produce a unique focal point for that particular room. A framed flag is typically best placed in the living room.  

Flag Crafts 

Are you a DIYer? Do you love making arts and crafts? Well, why don’t you use your skill to make your own American flag décor? There are a lot of American flag crafts out there that you can do. This includes flag-covered decorative sphere, yarn wreath flag, baseball bat flag, or a wooden pallet flag.  

Unique Décor Ideas 

You can place an American flag in unexpected areas around the event space or your house to add flair to your seasonal décor. You can branch out with a unique display once you’ve seen to providing the basics. This includes hanging a flag on a full wall. To show your patriotic spirit, using an American flag as hanging wall art is a nice way. However, you have to ensure you’ve got the space.  

You can also utilize a large flag décor if you do not have a flag big enough to cover your entire wall. This includes a wooden American flag art piece.